Beautiful harmony of the soul.
The sensation of a skillful stroke.

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Beautiful harmony of the soul.
The sensation of a skillful stroke.

Zen Brush 2 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush. With a new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and the delicacy of an ink brush, providing a simple and intuitive user interface imbued with the Zen spirit, this app is designed to be optimal for performing Zen art.

Strong yet beautiful.
More brush-like than a real brush.

The app includes a drawing engine based on a 3D model of an East Asian ink brush. Strokes change according to the movement of your finger, providing a sensation just like a real ink brush. It provides uniquely varied and deep expressiveness.

A depiction of your heart.

You can select from three degrees of ink dispersion. Enjoy the complex, three-dimensional expressiveness of ink-wash painting where the ink gradually soaks into washi (Japanese paper).


A brush with little water that easily produces kasure (scratchiness). Great for producing a rough appearance.

Std (Standard)

A brush with a standard amount of water that has moderate nijimi (blurring). Great for a smooth appearance with little kasure (scratchiness).


A brush with a lot of water that easily produces nijimi (blurring). Great for producing a pale, fleeting appearance.

The beauty of light and shade.

By adjusting the thickness of the ink, you can reproduce shades ranging from dark, thick ink to light, diluted ink. Try creating subtle artwork by combining shadowy depictions and light coating.

Fascinatingly vivid.

You can use red ink in addition to the main black ink. It can be used in many ways such as for signature seals, corrections or to create breaks in color. Use it to best effect.

Great variety of styles.

Enhance your work’s expressiveness by choosing from a collection of 92 rich background style templates.

Support for the new Surface Pen.

By using the new Surface Pen (scheduled for release in August) with 4,096 pressure points and tilt support, not only can you apply smooth thickness variations to your lines by adjusting the pressure of your strokes, you can also create nijimi (blurring) reflecting the brush tilt and orientation, providing an even more realistic experience. You can also adjust the brush and tilt sensitivity (5 levels each) to obtain your favorite drawing sensation.

* The current Surface Pen provides 1024 pressure points and does not support tilt.

Support for Surface Dial.

With Surface Dial, you can use Zen Brush features intuitively without needing your keyboard and mouse. For instance, you can enjoy adjusting the thickness to add large variations to your drawings, or quickly undo / redo strokes. By displaying the ring menu and cycling through the functionality allocated to Surface Dial, you can undo / redo, adjust the size of the brush, switch tools (ink brush, red brush, eraser), zoom in and out, change styles, rotate the brush axis or rotate the canvas by 90 degrees.

Other features.

Display guides

Use the guide lines as reference for laying out your painting. Use them for horizontal, vertical and central positioning, or as a reference for character size, to help you create well balanced artwork.

Share and export

The share functionality allows you to transfer your artwork to email or other supported apps. Furthermore, by saving to the common JPEG and PNG image file formats with the export feature, you can use your artwork in apps that are not supported by the share functionality.

Window mode

Both full-screen and window modes are supported. By switching to the window mode, you can, for example, use your internet browser to search and refer to models to practice your penmanship.


  • 92 background style templates.
  • Simple brush size adjustment with slider.
  • Simple main tools: ink brush, red brush, eraser brush.
  • 3 levels of ink dispersion.
  • 3 levels of ink tone.
  • Guide lines (9 types).
  • Undo / redo (5 levels).
  • Save projects in the app.
  • Save artwork to image file (formats: JPEG / PNG / Transparent PNG (without background) ).
  • Sharing (transfer data to other supported apps. Example: email).
  • Adjustable pressure sensitivity (5 levels).
  • Adjustable tilt sensitivity (5 levels).
    * Requires a pen that supports tilt.
  • Supports Surface Pen (eraser supported).
  • Supports Surface Dial (undo / redo, brush size adjustment, tool switching (ink brush, red brush, eraser), zoom in / zoom out, style change, brush axis rotation, 90 degrees canvas rotation).


OS: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and up.


Please send us your inquiries using the support form. Latest news available on Twitter.

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