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Frequently Asked Questions


Support for iOS 11 in our apps is as described below. (As of October 30, 2018) Due to changes to iOS (removal of SNS posting functionality), it is now necessary to install the official Facebook / Twitter app to be able to post to Facebook / Twitter.

Support Implemented

  • Support implemented for posting to Facebook / Twitter

    Posting functionality was changed to "Share..." functionality.
    • Crayon Style (ver 1.04)
    • AR Missile (ver 1.20)
    • AR Missile HD (ver 1.07)
    • PSOFT Audio Player(ver 1.07)
    • Zen Brush 2(ver 1.14)
  • Newly added iOS 11 Support

    Can now run on iOS 11.
    • Crayon Style (ver 1.04)

Partial Support

  • Problems with posting to Twitter

    Common: The posting screen is not shown if the official Twitter app is not installed. Also, parts of the posting screen are not displayed correctly.
    • AR Missile Now supports iOS 11
    • AR Missile HD Now supports iOS 11
    • iEyeCamera
    • PSOFT Audio Player Now supports iOS 11
    • Zen Brush
  • Problems with posting to Facebook

    Common: The posting screen is not shown if the official Facebook app is not installed.
    • iEyeCamera: The app crashes when posting to Facebook.
    • PSOFT Audio Player:Song data is not posted correctly. Functionality removed
      This functionality was removed because song information can no longer be sent.

We are planning to investigate and implement fixes for the problems and apps described above.


  • Cannot be started

    Common: The following apps do not support iOS 11 and cannot be started.
    • AR Fighter
    • AR EnergyBall
    • Crayon Style Now supports iOS 11
    • EffecTalk
    • Sand Art
    • Snow Canvas
    • VirtuaBell
    • Zen Brush Art Book
    • Skipping NYAN-P
  • Unusable

    Cannot be used because the Twitter account cannot be accessed after starting up.
    • egobird


    • AR Fighter
    • AR EnergyBall
    • EffecTalk
    • egobird
    • VirtuaBell
    • Zen Brush Art Book
    • Skipping NYAN-P

We are currently investigating whether we will support iOS 11 for the unsupported apps so their status is pending. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Zen Brush Ver.1 (for iOS / Android)

Zen Brush version 1 supports up to iOS 12 and does not support iOS 13. Maintenance of the app has also been discontinued and there are no plans to add support for iOS 13. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Zen Brush 2 (for iOS / Windows 10)

The app does not support using photos or pictures as custom backgrounds.