Simulates realistic powder snow! Doodle in fallen snow with "Snow Canvas".

With Snow Canvas, you can freely enjoy drawing on a screen filled with powder snow.

Snow Canvas, uses the “Snow Simulator”, our original physics engine, to generate lifelike snowflakes. By controlling each snowflake individually, we were able to reproduce silky powder snow so real you would expect it to be cold to the touch.

Drawing with it is fun, watching it is fun, simply touching the silky snow with this app is fun. We recommend it for adults and kids alike.

Use Snow Canvas to clear your mind by playing in the snow and drawing unusual doodles!




  • Equipped with our original “Snow Simulator” physics engine.
  • Muti-touch processing with support for up to 11 simultaneous touches.*1
  • 5 stroke sizes (3 with the iPhone version).
  • Undo / redo (10 levels each).
  • Save images to camera roll.
  • Read in images with Import function.
  • Post images to Twitter.

About multi-touch*1
Snow Canvas supports up to 11 simultaneous touches. However, to prevent mistaken detection of multi-touch commands on the iPad when you use 4 fingers or more, we recommend that you turn off [Multitasking Gestures] in the [General] tab of the [Settings] app.


iPhone (4 or later), iPod touch (4th or later), iPad (2 or later), iPad mini.
Requires iOS 6 or later.
*Does not support iOS 11 and up.

  • This Universal App is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad.


Please send us your inquiries using the support form. Latest news available on Twitter.


Documents available for media use. Please download and use freely. (Logos, screen shots, icons)