Experience the wonderful world of sand art! Sand Art: The sand simulation app for the purist.

Sand art or sand animation is a performance art form where the artist draws a story using sand scattered on a sheet of glass. Through their hands, the artist gives birth to sand art which, time after time, leaves a deep impression on its viewers by being both mysterious and ephemeral.

"Sand Art" is an app which makes it possible to experience the world of sand art. Of course, you can freely draw characters and images using sand, but you can also record this creative process as a movie.

Thanks to our original physics engine which faithfully simulates the movement of each individual grain of sand, we were able to make our virtual sand move just like the real thing. Simply touching the sand flowing gently on the screen procures a warm sense of security and well being which will not fail to calm your mind and spirit.

Please enjoy a completely new, totally different user experience!



Movie creation.

Sand animation is a performance art where the artist draws a story through a succession of changes applied to the sand. For this reason, the process of creating the sand images itself becomes a part of the art piece. This is why Sand Art includes a Record function which allows you to create a movie of the creation process.

You can make a movie of the drawing process of an illustration, and you can also easily create a slide-show movie by calling other images from the gallery.

You can save the movies you create to the camera roll. By all means, try creating your own original movies, post them to movie sharing websites and show them to the world!

With Sand Import, anybody can easily create great sand art.

Sand Import is a special feature in Sand Art which automatically creates sand art from pictures taken with the camera or photographs saved on your device.

You may think “Sand art looks hard ...” but with this feature anyone can easily create sand art with artistic flair.

Of course, you can also freely modify sand art created from pictures. Go ahead and try it out with all kinds of pictures!

(*You may get poor results when creating sand art from low contrast images.)


  • Realistic sand movement powered by the "Sand Simulator", our original physics engine.
  • Muti-touch processing with support for up to 11 simultaneous touches.*1
  • Adjustable amount of sand (5 discrete levels).
  • 9 selectable style templates (lightboxes).
  • 18 selectable preset patterns.
  • 2point tool allows adding and removing sand with 2 fingers.
  • 10 levels of undo / redo.
  • Sand Import (reads an image and creates sand art from it).
  • Save work in progress to the Gallery.
  • Save movies to camera roll.
  • Save images to camera roll.
  • Support for “Open In...”. Allows opening the files in other apps.
  • Twitter post function.

Maximum amount of sand.
There is a limit to the amount of sand that can be displayed on the screen. Once you reach that limit, you will be unable to add more sand. When that happens, either push some sand off the screen or use the vacuum tool to suck some sand off to be able to add sand again. You can check the current status of the remaining sand amount by looking at the indicator at the top right of the screen.

Sand Art supports up to 11 simultaneous touches. However, to prevent iPads from mistakenly detecting multi-touch commands when you use 4 fingers or more, we recommend that you turn off [Multitasking Gestures] in the [General] tab of the [Settings] app.


iPhone (4 or later), iPod touch (4th or later), iPad (2 or later), iPad mini.
Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
*Does not support iOS 11 and up.

  • This Universal App is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad.


Please send us your inquiries using the support form. Latest news available on Twitter.


Documents available for media use. Please download and use freely. (Logos, screen shots, icons)