egobird: your best choice for Twitter searches. Combining a simple and beautiful user interface with powerful features, egobird introduces a completely new search experience.

Quickly check large amounts of search results!

Search results are arranged in their own individual timelines, making it possible to quickly navigate them by swiping or using a slider.

Save the entire timeline to Evernote!

Save an exact copy of the timeline to Evernote, including not only the tweets' text, but also the icons and images.


Quickly switch between multiple accounts at any time!

Change accounts at any time by simply tapping an icon on the menu bar. This makes it easy to use both your personal and official accounts!

Easily register multiple search parameters with our handy wizard.

Do you want to search for only tweets containing images? Easily create even complex search queries by simply following the instructions on the screen.


  • Create search queries using a wizard
    Query parameters:
    • Search words
    • Search type (And search, Or search)
    • Excluded words
    • Excluded users
    • Filtering (images, movies, links)
    • Language selection
  • Mute settings
    • Mute formal retweets
    • Mute one's own tweets
    • Mute blocked users
  • Operations on tweets within a timeline
    • Reply
    • Formal retweet
    • Quote tweet
    • Add to Favorites
  • Supports read after with
    • Pocket
    • Instapaper
    • Readability
  • Operations while browsing a timeline
    • Post a new tweet
    • Clip the timeline (search results) to Evernote
    • Quickly switch timelines by swiping
    • Quickly transition to a specific timeline with original slider
    • Quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts
    • Show conversation
    • Show hashtags
  • Supports thumbnails for
    • Twitter
    • Twitpic
    • Instagram
    • Twipple photo
    • yfrog
    • Youtube
    • Niconico
  • Configurable gestures
    • Double tap
    • Triple tap
    • Long press


iPhone (4 or later),
iPod touch (5th or later).
Requires iOS 7 or later.
*Does not support iOS 11 and up.


Please send us your inquiries using the support form. Latest news available on Twitter.


Documents available for media use.Please download and use freely.(Logos, screen shots, icons)