Change your voice in real time!
EffecTalk: The next generation voice-changer!

EffecTalk is a fun and easy to use voice changing app. What makes it special is its ability to change your voice in real-time.

Other voice changing apps usually use a 2-step "record – play" process where you must first record your voice before you can replay it. But with EffecTalk, all you need to do is talk into the microphone and your voice will be modified instantly as you talk.



  • 8 real-time voice effects.
  • Cool visualizers in 3 colors
    (red, yellow and purple).
  • Full screen visualizer (tap to switch).
  • Continues working when the phone goes to
    sleep mode while the app is running.

Try using it to:

  • Surprise your friends by approaching them with
    an unusual voice.
  • Wake up a sweetheart who won't get up with
    the megaphone effect.
  • Make an unusual musical performance by
    applying effects to your whistling.
  • Make jokes at a party or while singing karaoke
    and get everyone to laugh.

8 Voice Effects

Enjoy these voice effects in real-time.

  • Helium
    Helium voice effect
  • Robot
    Robot voice effect
  • Loud
    Megaphone effect
  • Scratch
    DJ scratching effect
  • Monster
    Monster voice effect
  • Ghost
    Ghostly voice effect
  • Harmony
    Chorus effect
  • Privacy
    Bleep censor effect

3 Types of Visualizers

Pick a visualizer color from
red, yellow and purple.


for iOS

Phone (4 or later), iPod touch (5rd or later)
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
*Does not support iOS 11 and up.


Please send us your inquiries using the support form. Latest news available on Twitter.


Documents available for media use. Please download and use freely. (Icons, logos, screen shots)