Freely manipulate sound with
incredibly natural results.

Ground-breaking music player equipped
with a top class audio signal processing engine.

Modify playing speed and key, remove / extract sound, all with a high audio quality.

PSOFT Audio Player is a special music player with which you can modify the sound however you like. It allows you to apply to the audio data various types of signal transformations in real-time, such as changing the playing speed and key, removing or extracting sound from a specified band, analyzing the musical scale and displaying chords, etc.

The app stands out due to its remarkable audio quality. With usual audio devices, changes to the key and playing speed almost always result in a noticeable degradation of the audio quality. However, by using our company's "PhaseGear" technology, this app succeeds in reducing audio degradation to its utmost minimum. The result is surprisingly natural-sounding audio.

Use the app for all kinds of tasks such as ear training or language study by slowing down the playing speed, creating karaoke tracks by removing the vocals from the original track, listening to podcasts more efficiently by increasing the playing speed, etc.

6 Advanced Functions

Change playing speed[Time stretch]

Change key [Pitch shift]

Change voice [Formant]

Remove / extract sounds [Audio masking] *1

Analyze audio and display chords [Musical scale analysis]

Output the modified audio [Export] *2 Add-on


  • Change playing speed and key
    • Change playing speed (0.00x to 4.00x original speed)
    • Change key (±24.00 semitone)
    • Switch on and off
  • Change voice
    • Change formant (±24.00)
    • Correction (auto-correction of changes to the voice caused by changing the key)
    • Switch on and off
  • Remove / extract sounds
    • Select the range visually
    • Adjust the range numerically
    • SSD (Steady Sound Detection, advanced removal / extraction)
    • Default presets
    • Personalized presets
    • Switch on and off
  • Musical scale analysis
    • Keyboard display
    • Chords display
    • Adjustable display (1/2/4/8 octaves)
  • Export *2 Add-on
    • Supported formats
      • AAC
      • Apple Lossless
      • Wav
    • Export to Documents folder
    • Export 1 song at a time
    • Batch export lists
    • Supports "Open In"
  • Play menu
    • Play / Pause *3
    • Skip 15s / Back 15s *4
    • Fast forward / Rewind
    • Next song / Previous song
    • Play position adjustment slider
  • Play mode
    • Play all songs
    • Repeat all songs
    • Play 1 song
    • Repeat 1 song
    • Shuffled play
    • Shuffled repeat
  • Share song information
    • Send the current song info to other apps, share functionality.
  • Select songs by
    • Playlist
    • Song
    • Artist
    • Album
    • Composer
    • Genre
    • Compilation
    • Podcast
    • Document
  • Supports background play


Requires iOS 10 or later.


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(Logos, screen shots, icons)

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About PhaseGear

PhaseGear is our company's audio signal processing engine based on patented technology (Patent registered in Japan, USA and South Korea). It implements high quality time stretch and pitch shift processing as well as superior sound masking.

More info (Japanese page)
*1 Depending on the musical structure, it might not be possible to obtain the desired results.
*2 This function must be purchased as an add-on.
*3 Contents on iCloud and protected contents not supported.
*4 Only available for iPhone 5 and up.