Refreshingly exhilarating! Following "AR Missile", here comes our second markerless AR app.

"AR Fighter" is an AR (augmented reality) app which borrows from the beat' em up game style. Strike anything within your camera's sights and enjoy warping the objects on the screen.

Tapping an object captured by the camera causes it to become a target and acquire a life gauge. You don't need to worry about the camera shaking because the targets are auto-tracked thanks to our original image analysis technology. As you unleash a barrage of attacks, the target becomes warped and its life gauge goes down. Momentarily pause your attacks when the life gauge hits 0 to enable the Break state, then deliver the final strike!

This app will warp even the faces of beautiful girls and cute boys into an ugly mess. Please use the app with consideration to avoid hurting your subject's feelings and causing real fights.



Your attacks are not limited to tap strikes; you can also hold your finger down to unleash a special attack. The flashy special attacks change based on how long you hold them: Try different timings to master them all!

You are not limited to the shots from your camera but can also read in the pictures saved on your device.

Clear your mind by unleashing barrages at the screen and throwing special attacks. Impress your friends and be the life of the party by using AR Fighter as a camera app which can create flashy effects and distort images. By all means, try out "AR Fighter", a brand new type of AR app!


  • Tap the screen to strike or hold your finger down to throw a special attack.
  • Automatic tracking feature powered by original image analysis technology.
  • Beautiful graphics combining the image from your camera with 3D graphics.
  • Can switch to the front camera (if available).
  • Can input photos from your album.
  • Snapshot function.
  • Break Shutter function captures the instant of maximum intensity.
  • Time Shift function allows fine tuning of the special effects after taking a snapshot.
  • Twitter post function.

*Automatic tracking may not work well for low contrast images.


for iOS

iPhone, iPod touch (4th or later).
Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
*Does not support iOS 11 and up.

  • Requires a camera to operate. Please make sure your device is equipped with a camera before buying this app.


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Documents available for media use. Please download and use freely.
(Logos, screen shots, icons)